Payment Terms

  • Payment is 50% deposit up front an 50% on completion. Work will not start until the deposit is received.
  • Monthly subscriptions are payable a month in advance. Work will cease if the next month’s payment is not received on time. We will organise an automatic monthly renewal via Paypal or other payment service of your choice.
  •  A month’s notice is required to cancel a monthly subscription service. We will also give you a month’s notice if we intend to withdraw the service.

Additional Costs

  • Website fees do NOT include the cost of domain name (URL) registration. Domain registration fees depend on the type of URL being registered (e.g. .com or .co.uk) but usually range from £2 to £8 per annum.
  • Hosting fees need to be paid directly to the provider and are usually around £10 per month. These will be agreed as necessary before website development begins.
  • Hosting companies also charge for domain specific email addresses. If these are required (e.g. info@yourdomain.com), the cost is usually around £8-10 per month.
  • Advertising campaigns involve paying for ‘clicks’. The minimum advertising spend we advise for both Google Adwords, Facebook and other social media platforms is £50. This needs to be paid directly to the provider who ask for credit card details to be entered on their platform before approving advertising campaigns. These fees are your responsibility.

Tools Required

  • Building a mailing list requires using services from third parties e.g. Mailchimp. Depending on the level of complexity required there may be some additional monthly charges required to be paid to these types of providers. Mailchimp does have a free version, but this has limited functionality.
  • Automated email marketing requires a specialist tool e.g. Infusionsoft. This is priced around £200 per month and is payable directly to Infusionsoft. We are certified partners of Infusionsoft and receive commission on sales. Other tools are available and we will discuss this with you before we set up your service.

Consultation and Reworking 

  • Consultation times and ‘re-works’ are limited to the amounts outlined for the type of website. If additional time/re-work is needed this will be charged at £30 per hour. So please prepare in advance for our meetings!
  • Please note that copying text and images directly from other sites without attribution is frowned on and will negatively impact your ranking in search engine results. Please write original copy and if you are quoting anything, make sure it is clearly attributed.

Marketing – No Guarantees of Success

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee results from marketing efforts. Be warned that it takes at least three months of concerted activity to become fully ‘visible’ online i.e. to get your website listing well in the search engine results. Making it to page one and staying there requires persistent and concerted effort. Online marketing is highly competitive and you are only as good as your competitors allow you to be.

Content Suitability

It goes without saying that we will not work on a website that is in anyway offensive to others or that promotes what we consider to be harmful activities. We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw services if we feel that sites are offensive or harmful without further explanation.

Intellectual Property Ownership

You own the intellectual property in your site, unless we specifically agree otherwise.

Development Methods

We use industry standard tools and techniques. Our websites are built on WordPress using the Divi or Extra themes (from Elegant Themes) and various other standard WordPress plugins. We try to avoid bespoke development where ever possible. We do this so that should the unthinkable happen, you will easily be able to find other website developers to take over your site.

Complaints Procedure

We have a client complaints procedure. If you are unhappy in any way, please contact Stephen Jex via email on info@magicmountaindigital.com, our parent company. Our address is 18 Beck Road, London, E8 4RE.