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Capturing your unique essence online

We know how it is.

As an entrepreneur, charity or small business you probably don’t have a lot of time or money to invest in your website. Yet it’s essential to have a professional website that epitomises the image you want to present to the world to impress potential donors, customers or clients.

It’s also likely that you’ve got BIG expectations when it comes to what your website can do for you. But sometimes these can be unrealistic. Designing a great website is one thing, but making it VISIBLE online is quite another.

What we do

We design affordable websites that act a springboard for your business as opposed to just being a pretty brochure.  Making a website VISIBLE online requires consistent marketing – it won’t just get ‘found’ as there are literally billions of websites and lots of competition for the top spots in the search engine results pages. To help you win the online game,  we provide in-depth digital marketing expertise and execution. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but what you do spend must be spent wisely.

We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest tools and techniques and regularly do the training (and exams) needed to be certified partners with some of the biggest names in our industry:

Our Services


Branding is much more than logos and colours. It involves working out exactly who you want to attract to your site and making sure that your design and copy is written with them in mind.  It’s essential that your target audience feel they are in the right place when they land on your home page and that you understand just how your product or service can help solve their problems. Getting your ‘offer’ right is fundamental to success.

Many websites fail because they are all ‘me-me-me’. Understanding how differentiate yourself from this crowd and getting this one thing right will transform your website, and your business!

We can help you identify your ideal customer or client and the tone and style you will need to engage with them. We can also do all the design work including sourcing pictures and graphics and design you a logo (if you don’t already have one).

Website Design

We design and build websites. But we also do all the ‘enabling’ things like:

  • thinking-up and registering domain names (URLs)
  • organising hosting (if you don’t already have it).
  • writing copy or optimising your own copy so the search engines will find you
  • artwork and graphics
  • setting up: mailing lists and paypal accounts and buttons
  • creating online stores with shopping carts
  • creating ‘explainer’ videos and slide shows


Website Marketing

Getting a lovely website is one thing, getting people to visit it and take action (e.g. click and buy from you) is quite another!

We can help you with all aspects of digital marketing, from SEO (search engine optimisation) through pay-per-click advertising to setting up sophisticated sales and marketing funnels – just like the ones the big guys use (e.g. Halfords and Holland & Barrett).

We can also set up your social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (amongst others) making sure you’ve got a coherent online presence across multiple platforms.

Just tell us what you want!